Navi-Mig 1st Result

? Exciting News! ??

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the first result of our Navi-Mig project: “Mobile application NAVI-MIG – a roadmap for migrants in Europe”! ?️?

This innovative mobile application, available for iOS, is designed to support migrants in navigating essential services and achieving successful integration in our partner countries. ??

The Navi-Mig app will provide location-based information, links, and resources for crucial services such as administration, housing, education, employment, childcare, healthcare, support groups, and leisure activities. ???????⚽

What makes this app truly remarkable is its multilingual functionality. It will be available in English as well as the local languages of our partner countries, totaling 8 languages. ??️

Moreover, the app will offer direct access to our third project result, the digital training platform. By seamlessly integrating these two resources, we aim to create a comprehensive European-wide information hub. ??

We believe that Navi-Mig will serve as a vital starting point, empowering migrants by providing them with essential tools and knowledge to navigate their new surroundings and foster successful integration. ???

Stay tuned for more updates on our Navi-Mig project and the launch of the mobile application! Together, let’s pave the way for enhanced support and inclusion for migrants across Europe. ?❤️

Check it out:

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