Green Growth PR Result 3

? Exciting Update! ? We’re thrilled to unveil the achievement from our Erasmus+ project, “Designing Green Growth Learning Aids For Young Persons With Disabilities” through the Erasmus Plus program.” ?

?This Erasmus + Project was implemented by a consortium of 6 partner organizations from Macedonia, Turkey, Romania, Albania, Sweden, and Austria.

?The main project objective is developing and creating learning aids for persons with disabilities, related to Green growth and culture.

?The project OER, APP, and other Green growth and cultural tools will provide an entirely new type of network in the formal and non-formal educational sector for disadvantage and marginalized groups of young people; it will not only push for but will also help establish a systemic network of collaboration between (civil society) non-formal and formal education, offering opportunities for an increased number of related projects, research studies, modern transnational courses and modules and new approaches and methodology in work with this target group.

??Project result 3 “Produced learning films about green growth and culture to each of the participating countries” is aimed at creating short films and other videos educational material. Persons with disabilities and especially youth will be encouraged and motivated to watch short videos as learning aids. Produced videos will also be available to be displayed on the internet and shared through social media ?

?In the past period, the project partners finished the implementation of the project result 3 coordinated by the leader of the PR3 Lifelong learning network. Each project partner produced videos in two topics: green growth and culture. Video material was translated and compilation of the videos on both topics are available on the project social media ??

Together, let’s redefine education and inclusivity. ??