Inclu-Ageing TPM in Athens, Greece

The 2nd Transnational meeting of the #IncluAgeing project on the care of older people with disabilities was held in Athens, the favourite and historical capital of Greece. During the 2 days meeting, the consortium reviewed the fed first output of the project named “Toolkit on how to train parents and legal guardians of ageing adults with disabilities” and discussed the second output “Parental Education Guidebook”.
The next steps for the third output “Educational Spot Videos about Families” are talked.
We, as AIS, will transfer these three completed outputs to the e-learning platform. We made a presentation about this platform on the second day of the meeting.
Finally, the “Policy Recommendations Report” will be prepared under the responsibility of URI Soča was analysed in detail.

We would like to thank our valuable partner ESTIA for this wonderful two-day process.

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