EDUMAP: Educational Materials for Substance Abuse Prevention


The EDU MAP project aims to prepare and train school teachers in recognizing addiction and be well-informed on what steps to take next, thus helping students who have addiction problems by assessing the need for intervention.

The project aims to offer innovative solutions along with providing an evaluation of addiction problem which occurs to be an international problem, by combining quantitative and qualitative methods in order to provide the best possible answers for policymakers.


Target group:

  1. School teachers (from primary, secondary and high schools): 900 (150 from each partner country)
  2. School directors: 120 (20 from each partner country)

The total of participants will be 1020

The participants will be involved in the project activities in different stages:

  • as attendees of the project training
  • as evaluators of the training received
  • as attendees to conferences and seminars organized by project partners.


  1. Primary school students
  2. Secondary school students
  3. High school students
  4. Parents, family members of students
  5. Family & school council responsible and members
  6. Youth workers and volunteers
  7. Educational NGO representatives
  8. Local education authorities


EDUMAP has 5 project results:

  1. Reference handbook for substance abuse

The handbook will offer a comprehensive, educational oriented approach about substance use, abuse, and dependence, with emphasis on prevention.

EDU-MAP Desk Research


  1. Educational supportive videos for school teachers

There are 4 supportive videos about substance abuse and inspire and engage teachers to project learning activities.

  1. Guidebook to define psychological symptoms of substance abuse
  2. Guidebook to define social symptoms of substance abuse
  3. Preventive substance abuse education online toolkit for teachers





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