Happy Holiday

As we embark on a new year, let us reflect on our daily actions and their impact. Every single thing we do matters.
Starting now, get clear on what’s most important to you in life. What is something you care about that is greater than yourself? Maybe it’s the planet, or helping distressed people within your country or abroad, or making a change in your lifestyle and your impact on the environment.
Taking action alongside these values will not only make you feel good but will also have reverberations that make this world a better place and will bring us together.
Organizations and associations of civil society assume different forms with one common feature: they amplify the voices of particular interests and advocate for devalued or invisible groups.
In a world dominated by the market and states, the ongoing social, political and economic discourse that takes place within civil society is critical for creating and strengthening the conditions necessary for the respect of human rights.
We want to take the time to thank our partners and friends, home and abroad, for working to make this a better society to live in. We hope that this new year greets us with adventures and challenges to keep us making a change together.