Our project focuses on fostering inclusion and integration for newly arrived migrants. We aim to mitigate the risk of social exclusion by providing essential information through a mobile application. Navigate city halls, housing initiatives, job centres, health services, and more. Learn about our initiative at Stay Connected! Check Out NAVI-MIG on YouTube ( Follow […]


Our project supports caregivers of people with dementia, addressing increased stress due to lack of knowledge about dementia behaviors, COVID restrictions, and economic pressures. We aim to provide better education and resources for caregivers, focusing on relatives, legal guardians, and informal carers. Target groups include caregivers and people with dementia, benefiting NGOs, nursing homes, social […]


Introducing Inclu-Ageing: a project promoting true inclusion for ageing adults with disabilities. Life’s changes affect not just them, but also their social circles. We’re developing practical tools and videos to support both ageing adults and their caregivers. Let’s raise awareness and empower!  Learn about our initiative at Stay Connected! Check Out Inclu-Ageing on YouTube […]


🎓 The EDU MAP project focuses on three key priorities: 1. Supporting teachers and school leaders 2. Promoting common values and civic engagement 3. Addressing learning disadvantages and early school leaving 🔍 The project aims to train teachers to recognize and address addiction issues among students, using innovative methods and evaluations. 🎯 Targeting 1020 participants, […]


🌐 The pandemic has reshaped our lives, pushing many EU citizens into remote work setups. But amidst this shift, let’s not forget about the non-skilled workers and those lacking basic language and soft skills. They deserve a chance at quality living too. 💼💬 Internet non-users face heightened risks of social isolation, highlighting the urgency of […]